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Brexit 2 : Are we in the middle of a coup?

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Are we in the middle of a coup? I know when we hear of a coup in other countries we usually think of military intervention, tanks,  soldiers, fighting in the streets etc..

But when you think about it, all that is needed for a coup is to control government, media, security services, bank, a nominal head (the acceptable face) and very often, bolstering from abroad.

If we analyse the state of the UK at present, all these features are there.

  • the Brexit power-grab at Westminster under the guise of administrative ease
  •  The paying of an unauthorised and unbudgeted £2 billion to the DUP to cling on to a tiny majority in the chamber
  • the weighting of Parliamentary committees so that all those associated with Brexit have Tory majorities
  • the playing the system so that Tories refuse to debate Opposition motions thereby avoiding a (nominal) defeat
  • filling the House of Lords (the constitutional safety-net) with more Tory peers than their slim majority merits
  • shoring up Theresa May as the ‘acceptable face’, the puppet leader while the string-pullers operate under the radar.
  • the blurring of boundaries between politicians and the very rich City financiers
  • the control of the media


All these are political tricks that go against the true spirit of democracy and the notion of all people having a voice and being represented.

The problem with our constitution is that much of it is set within the framework of a gentleman’s agreement, and sadly Parliament currently has too few real gentlemen/women to ensure that the democracy is delivered as it was intended.

The absence of tanks in the streets and soldiers on every street corner does not mean we are free. If our government is not representative and transparent, if we aren’t free to choose, to think for ourselves. to be told the truth,  and perhaps most crucially , to change our minds, then we aren’t free at all.

We can be invaded as much by manipulation as by force. It’s called coercion, and all the signs are there.

Mass-manipulation needs a mantra, and Brexit has a particular one that is starting to sound increasingly hollow – “deliver Brexit for the will of the people”.

This consists of two parts of the same lie.

Deception 1: “Delivering Brexit”

The phenomenon of “Brexit” has never been defined. It has always consisted of wish, whim, and fancy. Brexit has meant whatever the particular voter wants it to mean, so for some it’s control of immigration, for others it’s control of our laws…or money…..or borders. Brexiteers trot these out at regular intervals, usually as individual wishes, but on some occasions, as a full set. Yet none stand up to scrutiny.  It is becoming crystal clear that being in the EU has had no restriction on our borders, money, laws, or anything else.  And if Brexit can’t be defined, how can it be delivered?

Deception 2: Will of the People

The vote was so close that statistically there was no winner. Statisticians like to include a margin of error of 50:50 +/-1.9%) and the referendum result was Leave 51.89% Remain 48.11% . Furthermore, if we include those who were eligible to vote but were not allowed to vote (those in UK from other EU nations, and those UK citizens in other EU  countries} and also those who chose not to vote, the actual percentage who voted to Leave is around 37%. That isn’t a win even in an honest campaign. But factor in the wave of lies and the overwhelming likelihood is that there would have been a considerably lower percentage voting to Leave. The other wave of manipulation (Cambridge Analytica etc.) is only just emerging and no doubt there is plenty more to come.

What is beyond doubt is that the Brexit camp can no longer with any credibility whatsoever claim that Leave is the will of the people.

The desperation with which Brexiteers are refusing a second referendum, even in the face of evidence of lying and manipulation from outside the UK is a measure of how little regard they have for the electorate. It’s power by any means, and that is the very essence of a coup.

The  fact that it is being achieved from behind computer keyboards by committees and think-tanks makes it no less an affront to freedom.








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